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Donate SFN via Just Giving! 

The quickest and easiest way to support our work is to donate via the Just Giving button below. We appreciate and any all contributions.

Other Ways To Support Us

We are grateful to all those who donate to help the day to day running of the charity. 

There are a few different ways you can support us:

Become a friend of SFN

Seacroft Friends and Neighbours, Friends make a regular annual donation of between £20 - £50.  As a way of saying thank you for regular support you will receive newsletter/ publication 4 times per year and invite to our AGM.

If this is of interest, please phone the office on 0113 2323662 and speak to Carol Lockwood for more information. 

Standing Order

Some Friends of SFN have been kind enough to set up a monthly standing order. This is brilliant for us because it means that we know we have a regular income and so we can plan our services accordingly.


You can make a donation to SFN by cash, cheque, bank transfer. If you would like to discuss any of these options, please contact Carol Lockwood on 0113 2323 662 .


Legacies are left through the donor’s will or simply by a declaration to the executors with instructions as to how and to which charity a legacy is to be distributed.

Charitable legacies reduce the amount of inheritance tax due from the estate.

There are two types of legacy:

1) Residuary bequests. This means that once the family and loved ones have been provided for, the remainder or a proportion of the deceased’s estate is pledged to one or more charities.

2) Pecuniary bequests. This means that the deceased pledges a specific sum of money to a particular charity.

If you would like to discuss this, then please speak with your family or solicitor. If you would like to discuss this with SFN please contact Carol Lockwood on 0113 2323 662.

Gift in lieu of flowers

Historically, families of SFN  members have gifted money to SFN in lieu of flowers at their loved ones funeral.

This is a very touching gift and apart from making a financial difference to our project, it means so much to us.

 If this is something you would like to consider then please contact Carol Lockwood on 0113 2323 662. 

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